Business Planning


A Large MNO (30 Million+ Subs) requested MMD's support to prepare its Marketing Plan. Later the role expanded to include Business Planning and Strategy Development. MMD was later awarded additional contracts.  We have since supported the 3 largest Group OpCos with Businss Planning & Strategy Development.

Business Challenge

When pulling together the business plan for the next 18 Months, there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Ensuring Alignment with Group Vision and Goals
  • Achieving Executive Level Agreement on Business Strategy
  • Ensuring 'buy-in' and commitment from Operational Units to support the Business Strategy
  • Recognising and addressing growing challenges posed by competing MNO's and OTT suppliers

How We Helped

MMD has developed a Business Plan process which has been refined year on year and entails:

  • International Best Practice Research in support of new Market Plan & Service Initiatives
  • CEO  Sponsored Workshops on Market Positioning and Business Development Strategy with Exec Team which deliver Business Goals and Targets for the next 18 months.
  • Engagement with Finance, Network Management, IT, Customer Service and other business units to ensure key business iniatives witll be resourced and prioritised
  • Developing Contingency Plans to cover high impact low probability (worst case) scenarios.
  • Liaising with Group to ensure alignment with Group Vision and Goals


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