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A large MNO Group requested that MMD assess the GTM processes deployed across its 20+ operations and design a new improved GTM process to deliver new products faster and more effectively. The new process needed to help prioritise and resource high potential, game changing inititiatives.  MMD also assisted with Process Implementation.

Business Challenge

There were many challenges to address. Key among these were the need to change attitudes, persuade individualus who were used to dealing with waterfall workflow methodologies to instead adopt Agile methods.  We needed to show how the business would benefit and become more efficient.  We needed to work with the training department to ensure that a variety of new skill sets were developed, including the ability to prepare detailed user stories and customer experience mapping documentation.

How We Helped

Initially we worked with the most experienced  figures across the Group in terms of product development and IT to identify strengths and weaknesses in the legacy GTM approach. We then put forward our own proposals on how to deliver a 'world class' GTM process influenced by our own team's experience of international best practices deployed by larger MNO Group competitors.  

The GTM process was developed and rolled out incorporating key decision gates following key stages in the process, including:

  • Innovation/Concept Capture 
  • CE Definition
  • Design
  • Enable/Build
  • Test
  • Launch


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