E-Commerce Strategy


A large MNO client recognised that e-commerce in its own market was underdeveloped by International standards.  It could see that there was significant potential but was unsure about the role the company itself should play in this growing market.  The client contracted MMD to identify MNO opportunities in this market.

Business Challenge

Identifying the role to be played by this MNO in the growing e-commerce market required a full understanding of the e-commerce value chain and the players involved.  This required investigation of e-commerce market structures in the most developed e-commerce markets globally.  MMD then assessed the roles played by leading MNOs across the value chain (both successful and unsuccessful) before identifying opportunities for the client in its own market.   

How We Helped

MMD identified the most active MNO players in the most developed e-commerce markets globally. We then undertook research to identify the level of engagement in e-commerce by MNOs across these markets.  We identified the the opportunities MNOs were attempting to tap into, including:

  • The provision of mobile money solutions to enable secure and convenient e-commerce payments and digital content purchases
  • The role played by MNOs in delivering access to e-commerce sites through reliable mobile data services as well as the the development of mobile apps to make e-commerce sites more accessible
  • MNO engagement in e-commerce order processing and delivery
  • MNO direct investment and partnership ventures with e-commerce businesses
  • Having examined best practices and outcomes internationally, MMD was able to identify and prioritise MNO opportunities in its own underdeveloped e-commerce market.





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