Acquisition Support


A client considering the acquisition of a large Asian MNO in one of the world's largest and most competitive mobile markets, requested our assistance to evaluate the market opportunity and develop its market entry strategy.  

Business Challenge

The acquisition target had been losing market share for several years and a successful takeover would require dramatic turnaround in the fortunes of the company.

How We Helped

MMD managed an extensive market research program to identify opportunities assessing in particular:

  • Legacy of the existing operator network/brand and what needed to be improved
  • Target segments poorly served by existing providers
  • Brand values and market positioning required to optimise the impact of the new market entrant across these segments
  • Engagement with C Level execs in the acquisition company to apply reasonableness checks to its forecasted performance (acquisitions, churn, ARPU, data usage, etc.) over the anticiapted acquisition period (12-15 months)


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The EXEC strategy workshops run by MMD were the best I have seen CEO MTN Nigeria
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