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While MMD has developed a reputation for providing insightful and market development intelligence, we also provide MNOs with the resources needed to manage and direct major new market initiatives.

Custom Work

While Mobile Market Development (MMD) has developed a reputation for providing insightful and market development intelligence, we also provide MNOs with the resources needed to manage and direct major new market initiatives. We provide outsourced business development specialists to support our clients with key business initiatives such as:

  • Business Strategy Development
  • Introduction of major new products or services
  • Design and implementation of advanced GTM processes to ensure timely, efficient delivery of new products and services
  • Identification & prioritisation of client opportunities including suitable acquisition targets and market opportunities for growth
  • Churn Management
  • Change Management
  • Organisational Restructuring

Message from the CEO
Jon Newman

Whether you are a first time visitor to our site or a client of many years standing we will endeavour to offer you a level of service that is unmatched among our peers. We aim to deliver Industry leading advice on all matters impacting the strategic direction and operational profitability of MNOs. In this regard we draw from:

  • MMD's own unique pool of experienced and highly qualified, senior industry talent. (Please see Our Team)
  • Continuous market intelligence reports through our Maximising Wireless Profit and Digital Inference Programs.
  • MMD's Line experience assisting board level clients to develop future growth strategies for their MNO businesses.

Whatever your challenge, we are here to help. You will receive flexible access to our highly qualified consulting team, including a guaranteed response time to all enquiries within 24 hours.   

Please complete our initial enquiry form if you wish to explore ways in which MMD can assist your company to grow. Alternatively, feel free to call me directly on +44 (0) 20 7193 2759.

Meet the team

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Facing a general public perception of a lack of competition leading to poor affordability of data services, and pressure from both the regulator and the national government on data pricing, MMD was asked to help “set the record straight” and establish if its MNO client (and competitors in the market) were charging excessive rates for data services. 

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A large MNO Group requested that MMD assess the GTM processes deployed across its 20+ operations and design a new improved GTM process to deliver new products faster and more effectively. The new process needed to help prioritise and resource high potential, game changing inititiatives.  MMD also assisted with Process Implementation.

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A Large MNO (30 Million+ Subs) requested MMD's support to prepare its Marketing Plan. Later the role expanded to include Business Planning and Strategy Development. MMD was later awarded additional contracts.  We have since supported the 3 largest Group OpCos with Businss Planning & Strategy Development.

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A large MNO client recognised that e-commerce in its own market was underdeveloped by International standards.  It could see that there was significant potential but was unsure about the role the company itself should play in this growing market.  The client contracted MMD to identify MNO opportunities in this market.

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A Middle Eastern MNO wanted to expand its ICT and Enterprise Solutions presence in its home market.  A leading ISP in its home market was identified as a potentially suitable acquisition. The client requested MMD's support with the due diligence exercise.  

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A client considering the acquisition of a large Asian MNO in one of the world's largest and most competitive mobile markets, requested our assistance to evaluate the market opportunity and develop its market entry strategy.  

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Our Clients

Here at Orange France we have many program subscriptions but yours, in my mind, offers the best content for the best value. Your reports give a complete overview on the market and provide so many details and quality of analysis ... Orange France
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