1. How do I go about obtaining a subscription?

Please contact Ciaran Coburn at ciaran.coburn@mobilemarketdevelopment.com or call him on +353 87 912 5432.  Alternatively please call our office at + 353 46 9073747.

2. Can i subscribe to separate programs – MWP or DIP?

Yes - You can subscribe to our Maximising Wireless Profit (MWP) Program or Digital Inference Program (DIP) separately or jointly together.  Subscribers can obtain value for money when they subscribe to both programs together and can obtain analyst enquiry support as part of a full subscription.

3. What do I get when I register for a complimentary account?

Registering an account grants you access to Mobile Market Development’s Digital Inference News where you can search our catalogue for the latest news addressing the digital transition of mobile network operators.

You also receive complimentary access to Mobile Market Development’s catalogue of MWP reports published after 24 months.

  • You will be permitted to download 10 complimentary reports per month. If you exceed your monthly allowance you must wait until the following month. This is to avoid excessive and unfair usage.  If your information need regarding a specific report is urgent and you have exceeded your monthly allowance, contact us at enquiries@mobilemarketdevelopment.com and we will assist you. 

Our International Promotional Offers Database containing almost 3,000 mobile promotional extracts is also available upon sign up.

4. Can I re-use content from the site and if so, how?

Please review our Terms and Conditions regarding single and multiple user licence agrements. 

Users including members of the press must cite ‘Mobile Market Development’ when reproducing any content (a portion of text, a graph or slide) contained in Mobile Market Development’s reports and associated materials.

Reproduction for other commercial purposes without the consent of Mobile Market Development is strictly prohibited. 

5. I used to have a WirelessProfit.com account. Can I access reports on the Mobile Market Development website?

If you are (or have, in the past been) a subscriber to Mobile Market Development’s MWP and DIP program, you can continue to access your account using your existing username and password. If you have forgotten your password, please fill in the reminder request form on the log-in page.

Lapsed subscribers receive the benefits of a complimentary account as described above and can access the site in the usual way. Forgotten passords can be retrieved on the log-in page.

6. I'm working on a project and have a query. Can I ask you a question?

Sure…. Happy to help!

You may be compiling a business case for a new product / service, need maket information or be planning a new service launch.  Our team of analysts and consultants can offer you confidential advice and direction.  Contact us at enquiries@mobilemarketdevelopment.com and we’ll be happy to assist where we can. 

7. Do you offer free trials?

At the moment, trial subscriptions to our current Maximising Wireles Profit (MWP) Program and Digital Inference Program (DIP) are available only on request. Please contact Ciaran Coburn at ciaran.coburn@mobilemarketdevelopment.com or call him on +353 87 912 5432.  Alternatively please call our office at + 353 46 9073747.

Our Clients

Our board insists on seeing international trends when new product concepts are put forward... when we quote MMD's view on such concepts and their analysis on trends, we're 100% sure that it will 'FLY'! MTN Nigeria
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