Addressing Untapped Segments in Mature Mobile Markets - Case Studies from Japan/ Korea
2006.08.31   |   51 pages   |   New Services & Technologies   |   Consumer Contract Segment


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The current report examines a range of products and services developed by operators in Japan and South Korea in a bid to reach previously under-penetrated, yet sizeable, niche segments. Our analysis of these markets highlights how operators have been particularly resourceful in developing and marketing:
  • Location based services combined with segment specific handset designs to reach both extremes of the age pyramid - the very young and senior citizens.
  • Female segment offers combining appropriately styled handsets with fashion conscious content services.
  • Designer Phones showcasing operators' ability to anticipate and lead demand for handsets and services among the fashion elite in these markets.
  • Larger screen devices with features designed to meet the growing needs of bloggers (whose membership extends to over 5 million in Japan today).
  • Services targeting the cinema fanatic - including real-time ticket reservation and billing services with associated membership discounts.
  • Mobile banking services in Korea where low mobile transaction costs lead to a dramatic growth in the number of mobile banking customers initially on the network of LG Telecom (the pioneer of this service) and later on the networks of KTF and SKT.
Detailed product and service descriptions are complemented with analysis of the impact of these initiatives to date.
Table of Contents
2.1Mobile Phones and Demographics2
2.2Is Nobody Left Behind?2
2.2.2South Korea2
3Reaching the 'Kids' Market4
3.1Market Size and Attitude Towards Mobile Phones4
3.2Carriers' Offers7
3.3GPS Location and Security Service Offers10
3.3.1Secom Offer10
3.4NTT DoCoMo 'Kids Phone' Offer in Detail12
3.5KDDI 'Junior Mobile' Detailed Offer14
3.5.1Handsets and Specific Services14
3.6Willcom's Offer16
3.6.1About Willcom16
3.6.2Safety-Oriented 'Anshinda Phone'16
3.6.3Toy-like 'Papipo' by Bandai17
3.6.4Willcom Nico WS005IN18
3.6.5Willcom PHS Positioning Service19
3.7Talking to Kids (and Their Parents)21
3.7.1TV Campaigns21
3.7.2AU Junior Mobile Campaign Flash Site23
3.7.3AU by KDDI Children's Mobile Class24
3.8Kids Phone in South Korea: i-Kids Service24
4Selling to Seniors26
4.1Simple Phones for Seniors26
4.2The Tu-Ka S Case28
4.3Talking to Seniors: TV Campaigns30
4.4Phone with Features for the Disabled32
4.4.2South Korea32
5Targeting Female Users33
5.1Female Users Can Type Too33
5.2NTT DoCoMo's Female Designer Phone33
5.3Vodafone's STNY Samantha Thavasa35
6Targeting the 'In' Crowd36
6.1The Case of KDDI36
6.1.1Designer Phones36
6.1.2KDDI's 'Design Studio' Showroom38
6.2Willcom's 'Blogging Phone'40
6.2.1Talking to Bloggers40
6.2.2Three Targets with One Handset41
7Other Initiatives42
7.2Service for Movie-Goers 'Cizle'42
7.3Game Phones43
7.3.1N-Gage Second Coming43
7.3.2What Went Wrong with Game Phones?45
7.4BankOn by LG Telecom46
7.5Teen Bell by LG Telecom48
8Key Learnings50
8.1Beware of Macro Figures50
8.2Talking to Users50
8.2.3Females, Gamers, and the 'In' Crowd51

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