Connected Home: Opportunities for MNOs
2014.12.15   |   42 pages   |   Convergence & M2M

Nicola Warren



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The futuristic vision of a connected home sounds like a work of science fiction, but the reality is that the technology is already available and the emergence of connected homes is more a matter of marketing than science.

Global companies such as Samsung, Philips and Honeywell already offer products like lights, thermostats and appliances that can be controlled via an application on a smart phone. High profile announcements from the tech giants Google and Apple illustrate the levels of interest that the sector is commanding.

Mobile operators across the world are looking at these developments in order to identify opportunities for themselves, capitalising on their capabilities as connectivity providers, in the connected home space.

The connected home holds potential for new revenues, improved customer retention and the Big Data business. Some are relying on it as the key to the next level of service bundling - Quintuple Play.

This report seeks to outline the experiences of mobile operators to date, examining the business models and technical solutions that have been adopted, to identify lessons for those MNOs considering their connected home strategies.

Companies: Google, Apple, Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, SFR, Orange, Swisscom, Xanboo, Cisco, Telefonica, Europ Assistance, Mobilcom Debitel, Peraverde, MiOS, Le Figaro, iControl Networks, Rogers, Verizon, Asoka, Peraverde, MiOS, Le Figaro, iControl Networks, Rogers, Verizon, Asoka, Samsung, Philips, Honeywell, Nest, EnBW, Miele, BMW, HomeMatic, Sonos, Linear, Yale, ADT, Aon, Legrand Somfy, Deltadore, EDF, Netatmo, Fibar Group, Aeon, Sercomm, Wintop, eQ-3

Countries: Germany, USA, France, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Poland

Keywords: Thinking Things, intelligent, Inteligentny Dom, licensing, connectivity, power, OSGi, flexibility, devices, app, M2M, Open Services Gateway, Home by SFR, Homelive, scalable, churn, network, ecosystem, API, ethernet, internet, Digital Life, alerts, standards, central control unit, entertainment, SmartLife, Big Data, notifications, security, hardware, IP-connectivity, IP-based, smart home, Wi-Fi, kit, distribution, tasks, platform, camera, use cases, partnership, data centres, vertical, application, home monitoring, detectors, Qivicon, utility, heating, health, events, lighting, customer experience, package, retention, cloud computing, connected, revenues, 3G, software, business model, sensors, Z-wave, connected home, protocol, interoperability, application developers, subscription, installation, energy, radio, gateway, proprietary, bundling, equipment, certification, remote control, broadband, alarm, video, demonstration, quintuple play, walled garden, Quing, Zigbee, home automation, education,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 2
2.1 Background to the Report 2
2.2 Report Content 3
2.3 Currency and Conversions 4
2.4 Further Questions and Feedback 4
3 The Connected Home So Far 5
3.1 Complexity and Fragmentation Limiting Growth 5
3.2 The Home Automation System 6
3.3 The Role for Operators 7
4 Operator Connected Home Experiences 8
4.1 Deutsche Telekom Qivicon 8
4.1.1 Background 8
4.1.2 Solution 9
4.1.3 Marketing Activity 11
4.1.4 Performance 13
4.1.5 Successes and Challenges 14
4.1.6 Recent News 15
4.1.7 Lessons Learned 15
4.2 AT&T Digital Life 16
4.2.1 Background 16
4.2.2 Solution 16
4.2.3 Marketing Activity 17
4.2.4 Performance 21
4.2.5 Successes and Challenges 21
4.2.6 Recent News 22
4.2.7 Lessons Learned 22
4.3 Home by SFR 23
4.3.1 Background 23
4.3.2 Solution 23
4.3.3 Marketing Activity 24
4.3.4 Performance 26
4.3.5 Successes and Challenges 26
4.3.6 Recent News 27
4.3.7 Lessons Learned 28
4.4 Homelive by Orange 29
4.4.1 Background 29
4.4.2 Solution 29
4.4.3 Marketing Activity 30
4.4.4 Performance 32
4.4.5 Successes and Challenges 33
4.4.6 Lessons Learned 33
4.5 Quing Home by SwissCom 34
4.5.1 Background 34
4.5.2 Solution 34
4.5.3 Marketing Activity 35
4.5.4 Performance 37
4.5.5 Successes and Challenges 38
4.5.6 Recent News 38
4.5.7 Lessons Learned 39
5 Key Findings 40
6 Recommendations 42
  Appendix - Feedback Questions 43

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