Cross- & Up-selling to Multi-play Customers
2014.08.05   |   30 pages   |   Convergence & M2M

Pippa Walton



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Fixed and mobile operators are becoming increasingly interested in developing multi-play products as their traditional markets become saturated and they look for ways to extend their market reach. Dual- and triple-play products have been available in many markets for some time, but the trend is increasingly towards developing quad-play products and services. Multi-play operators tend to experience lower churn levels and therefore have more loyal customers. This gives them more opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell further services, and hence tie in customers for even longer.

Operators that are already in a position to do so are developing their quad-play propositions, and those that do not already have the infrastructure are either taking advantage of the communications market's tendency to consolidate and are acquiring companies, or are entering into network sharing and other agreements in order to broaden their product portfolios.

Initial multi-play offers were slow to catch on, partly because the offers were not compelling enough, and partly because operators faced internal challenges in integrating their fixed and mobile arms, or in integrating newly acquired companies. Products are now becoming more desirable, as popular content packages are put together and streaming content is available over fast broadband. Superior infrastructure, such as fibre and 4G mobile, have provided a spur to the uptake of multi-play products.

As this report shows, European mobile markets have seen different rates of success with multi-play offers. France and Spain, for example, are both now established markets for multi-play services that include mobile, whereas in the UK and Ireland the choice of multi-play products is more limited. In the latter there are fewer products combining fixed and mobile services, although multi-play products based on fixed services have been available for some time and are well established in the market.

This report looks at four different markets, two of which (France and Spain) have established and successful quad-play offers available, and two of which (Ireland and the United Kingdom) exhibit strong dual- and triple-play propositions.

Companies: Iliad Free, Orange France, Eircom, Virgin Media, Movistar Fusion

Countries: France, Ireland, UK, Spain

Keywords: Fibre, Value-added services, Churn reduction, Up-selling, ADSL, 4G, Quad-play, Cross-selling, Digital content, Multi-play, Fixed broadband, Mobile broadband,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 2
2.1 Background to the Report 2
2.2 Report Content 3
2.3 Currency and Conversions 3
2.4 Further Questions and Feedback 3
3 The French Market 4
3.1 Current Status of the Multi-play Market in France 4
3.2 Iliad/ Free 5
3.2.1 Current Multi-play Propositions 5
3.2.2 Figures and Performance Indicators 6
3.3 Orange France 6
3.3.1 Current Multi-play Propositions 6
3.3.2 Current Special Offers 10
3.3.3 Market Positioning 11
3.3.4 Figures and Performance Indicators 12
4 The Irish Market 13
4.1 Current Status of the Multi-play Market in Ireland 13
4.2 eircom 13
4.2.1 Multi-play Propositions 14
4.2.2 Figures and Performance Indicators 16
4.2.3 Positioning 17
5 The UK Market 18
5.1 Current Status of the Multi-play Market in the UK 18
5.2 Virgin Media 18
5.2.1 Propositions 18
5.2.2 Current Special Offers 20
5.2.3 Market Positioning 21
5.2.4 Figures and Performance Indicators 22
6 The Spanish Market 23
6.1 The Current Status of the Multi-play Market in Spain 23
6.2 Movistar Fusion 24
6.2.1 Market Positioning 25
6.2.2 Figures and Performance Indicators 26
7 Key Findings 27
8 Recommendations 30
  Appendix - Feedback Questions 32

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