Customer Experience Best Practice from Adjacent Sectors
2016.05.16   |   45 pages   |   Customer Experience and Connection

Jeroen Visser



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Mobile network operators must adopt a fully customer-centric approach and deliver an excellent customer experience.  This is a common theme across a range of sectors, but is particularly challenging in the mobile industry where digital technologies are disrupting the status quo. However, these same technologies afford the potential to deliver new and highly effective ways to deliver a great customer experience.  This report examines examples of successful approaches where MNOs may draw comparisons with their own situation.

  • Customer experience case studies show how adoption of new digital technologies can lead to enhanced competitive advantage and drive growth.
  • MNOs can look to sectors that are embracing technologies in the areas of social networking, mobility, analytics and cloud, as they evolve, and identify how they help players to compete on customer experience.
  • Three sectors are examined in this report - Retailing, Healthcare and Airlines – as they provide valuable lessons from their own transition to a digital future.
  • The report also considers how reducing product features in order to focus on the main customer job to be done can lead to a better experience and drive revenue growth.


Companies: Ikea, Amazon, Carrefour, Currys PC World, Dominos, One Medical, UCSF Medical Center, Multitone, Manchester Airport, South West Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, apple, McDonalds, Drybar, Sony, Spanx

Countries: UK, USA, France

Keywords: Customer Experience, Digital, Apps, Service Design, CX, Minimum Viable Product, Operating Model, Healthcare, Augmented Reality, Product Development, iBeacon, Customer Validation, Speed to Market, Go To Market, GTM, Competitive Advantage, Customer Journey, Retail, Airlines,








Defining and measuring customer experience



Customer experience in Retail, Healthcare and Airlines



Sector case studies



Eliminating features



Conclusions and Recommendations



Appendix (Feedback)


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