Delivering Super Customer Care to High Value Customers
2009.12.16   |   33 pages   |   Churn Prevention Strategies   |   Consumer Contract Segment


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Following the financial shocks and banking crises of the recent past, many economies around the world have experienced recession. While MNOs have largely been fortunate and mobile services have proven to be a relatively resilient part of the population's total domestic spend, there is no doubt that customers are increasingly looking for value for money and driving harder bargains with their service providers. Levels of competition and the growth of internet-based fora, social networking sites and blogs where customers can find out exactly what is on offer in the marketplace, are exacerbating already difficult market conditions and challenging MNOs to come up with new and better approaches to the market to reflect the harsher economic climes within which they must now operate.

Over the past 24 months, major operators such as Vodafone have begun to acknowledge the importance of 'customer centricity' in their retention strategies, and companies such as Sprint Nextel have realised that attention to customer service and their customers' requirements is fundamental if they are to retain their positions in their respective markets.

This report examines the reactions of a range of MNOs to the combination of a more difficult economy and the growth of customers' knowledge and levels of expectation and offers a range of recommendations based on the research conducted that will assist MNOs in embracing the new realities of the mobile market.

Keywords: Super Customer Care, Customer care, High Value Customers,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 2
2.1 Background to the Report 2
2.2 Report Content 2
2.3 Currency and Conversions 3
3 Customer Care in a Difficult Economy 4
3.1 Introduction 4
3.2 High Value Customer Definition 4
3.3 MNOs and the Recession 6
3.4 Customer Service 7
3.4.1 A Positive Customer Experience Helps Retain High-Value Customers 7
3.4.2 CRM Systems 9
3.5 Data Services for High-Value Customers 10
4 Operator Initiatives 11
4.1 Background 11
4.2 Verizon Wireless 11
4.2.1 Background 11
4.2.2 Customer Segmentation 12
4.2.3 Tariffs for High Value Customers 12
4.2.4 Handsets 14
4.2.5 Customer Care 15
4.3 Sprint Nextel 16
4.3.1 Background 16
4.3.2 Tariffs for High Value Customers 17
4.3.3 Handsets 18
4.3.4 Customer Care 19 The Premier Customer Program 20
4.4 Turkcell 21
4.4.1 Background 21
4.4.2 Customer Care 22
4.4.3 Value Propositions and Loyalty 23
4.4.4 Handsets 24
4.5 Nawras Oman 25
4.5.1 Background 25
4.5.2 Tariffs 26
4.5.3 Nawras Elite Club 27
4.6 Etisalat UAE 28
4.6.1 Background 28
4.6.2 Tariffs 28
4.6.3 Customer Care 29
5 Findings and Recommendations 31

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