Emerging HSPA Applications
2009.09.23   |   29 pages   |   Fixed-Mobile Convergence   |   New Services & Technologies


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Two recent reports from Mobile Market Development's 'Maximising Wireless Profit' Program 2009 have investigated developments in mobile broadband:

Applications and services such as mobile e-mail, browsing the mobile internet or MNO portals work well with existing data bearers such as GPRS and EDGE. Despite this, the level of uptake of data services has consistently failed, so far, to offset falls in ARPU caused by erosion of voice ARPU. However, the emergence of HSPA applications, alongside more capable terminals and more realistic data pricing may represent a tipping point that will lead to a radical change in the role of MNOs and the critical success factors they need to address.

This report focuses on the popular applications and services that exist on mobile and other platforms where the utility, usability and value to the user increases greatly with the existence of high performance data bearers such as HSPA. The application categories examined are entertainment & recreation, communications and enterprise applications, and the substitution of fixed line broadband for mobile broadband offerings.

The report concludes that MNOs may have to adopt a new approach to maximise success in the future and details some of the actions they should take to make sure they benefit from the emergence of HSPA-enabled applications.

Keywords: HSDPA, Fixed broadband Substitution, MiFI, Emerging HSPA Applications. HSPA Applications, HSUPA,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 2
2.1 Background to the Report 2
2.2 Report Content & Structure 4
2.3 Currencies Used 4
3 Entertainment & Recreation 5
3.1 Music 5
3.2 Gaming 10
3.2.1 Networked Gaming at Home 10
3.2.2 Mobile Games and 'Social Play Networks' 10
3.2.3 Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games 11
3.2.4 Virtual worlds 14
3.3 Video 14
3.3.1 Social Networking and User Generated Content 14
3.3.2 Broadcast and Video-on-Demand 15
3.3.3 SlingBox and SlingPlayer 16
4 Communication, Navigation and Enterprise Applications 18
4.1 Voice Calls, Voice Conferencing and Video Calls 18
4.1.1 Skype 18
4.1.2 Google Voice 19
4.2 Broadband on Public Transport 21
5 Fixed Broadband Substitution 22
5.1 Mobile Broadband at Home & Office 22
5.2 MiFi (Mobile Wi-Fi) 24
5.3 HSPA for Public Internet Access 25
6 Conclusions and Recommendations 27

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A valuable program, differentiated by its best practice case study approach. Many external providers supply regular updates on MNO KPIs, but it's how operators are approaching these issues we want to know about Orange Group
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