Key Performance Indicators 2008 - EBITDA
2008.07.24   |   11 pages   |   MNO KPI Benchmarks


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EBITDA is one of the most universal and comparable performance indicators, and reflects the actual earning potential of a company. We present EBITDA information for 71 operators, comparison with the previous financial year, and provide a commentary on those factors that have increased or reduced EBITDA margins.

The average EBITDA margin across the 71 operators in our benchmarks for FY 2007 is 35.8%. The average margin is slightly affected by the new addition to our benchmarks of various operators active in emerging markets with EBITDA margins well above average (e.g. Djezzy Algeria, MTN Nigeria, Mobinil Egypt and Zain Sudan).

On a YoY basis the average EBITDA margin across the 71 operators in our benchmarks shows a slight decrease for the FY 2007, which highlights the growing pressure placed on operators' margins by increased competition levels, pricing reductions and high operational costs to penetrate low-value customer segments or migrate customers to 3G services.

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Average EBITDA Margin 2007 (71 Operators)
EBITDA Margin 2007 - Europe (41 Operators)
EBITDA Margin 2007 - Emerging Markets (11 Operators)
Average EBITDA Trends, 2007-2006 YoY (69 Operators)
EBITDA Margin, YoY 2007 vs. 2006 (Top 8 Fallers)
EBITDA Margin, YoY 2007 vs. 2006 (Top 8 Improvers)
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