MNO Web Sites Design Review
2010.05.28   |   62 pages   |   MVNOs & Distribution Strategies


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Mobile Market Development surveyed the consumer web sites of 63 MNOs, and developed a framework to classify them by content focus and design approach.

A number of key approaches were identified, from tight focus on information about mobile products and services in developed markets to sophisticated designs to appeal to niches such as youth segments. Analysis of these approaches is presented with over 80 screen shots that showcase the designs and features used by MNOs in a range of developed and developing markets.

The report closes with conclusions on the positioning of the surveyed web sites, followed by commentary on design best practices.

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Keywords: Web Portals, Website Design, Web Portal Design,

Table of Contents
Functional Design & Tight Content Focus
Advanced Design & Tight Content Focus
Functional Design & Broad Content Focus
Notable Features
Summary and Design Best Practices

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