Mobile Content Production and Distribution - The Complete Eco System
2005.08.16   |   58 pages   |   MVNOs & Distribution Strategies   |   New Services & Technologies


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In developed markets, non-messaging digital content is now a rapidly growing component of Wireless Network Operators' revenues. As the proportion of ARPU attributable to mobile data increases, optimisation of these revenues will have growing impact on overall achievement of revenue expectations.

The area is complex and evolving rapidly. The early and unexpected dominance of phone personalisation will erode as more sophisticated applications to assist and entertain users are developed alongside phones that can make use of them simpler. Growth will accelerate as mobile data applications broaden their appeal beyond the youth market. Added to the challenges of optimising the content proposition, there is a large and growing community of companies in the content space. These companies offer diverse competencies and views of the market.

This report provides a strategic view of the content market ecosystem to assist network operators in developing a clear understanding of the structure of the market, the types of companies operating in the content distribution chain and how best to facilitate content demand from their users.

Keywords: strategic, personalisation, complex, eco, phone, system, applications, eco-system, diverse, content, demand, data, production,

Market Structure
Content Delivery
Eco System Requirements
Market Taxonomies
Content Access
Content Use
Sample Market Players
Player Profiles
NewBay Software
Mobile Entertainment Factory
Market Size & Value Chain
Market Size
Value Chain
Important Trends
Content Difficulty
Entertainment vs. Utility
Overall Conclusion
Appendix - Example Content Players
Content Player Listing

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