Mobile & Fixed Broadband - Complementary vs. Competitive Positioning
2011.03.29   |   23 pages   |   Tariffing Mobile Services for Profit


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Mobile broadband penetration and activity rates have risen strongly in line with falling consumer premises equipment (CPE) prices, while customer satisfaction and feedback have been variable. Despite rapidly increasing broadband traffic volumes, MNOs' revenues are falling as they attempt to compete with each other's mobile broadband offers and with alternatives such as fixed broadband and multi-play propositions.

MNOs have taken a number of positions with mobile broadband offers: complementary to other types of fast internet access such as DSL, or as direct competition to them. This report identifies the main constituents of the fixed and mobile broadband market, offers a proposal on how to segment it, and presents examples from fixed and mobile operators that are complementary or competitive.

The report closes with a summary of conclusions reached as a result of the research conducted and recommendations that are essential reading for MNOs that wish to optimise their mobile broadband revenues by aligning offers and messages to a framework that relates broadband customers' spending power with their personal ties to places and other people.


Keywords: VoIP, Mobile Broadband, DSL, Fixed Broadband, FMC, IPTV,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 2
2.1 Background to the Report 2
2.2 Report Content 2
2.3 Currency and Conversions 2
2.4 Further Questions and Feedback 3
3 European Broadband Status 4
3.1 Mobile Broadband Usage, Penetration & Revenues 4
3.2 Relative Customer Satisfaction 6
3.3 Fixed/Mobile Broadband Segmentation 7
3.3.1 Ofcom's research in the UK 7
3.3.2 Segmentation Example 8
4 Complementary vs. Competitive 10
4.1 Introduction 10
4.2 Mobile broadband as a Complement 10
4.2.1 BT 'Total Broadband' 10
4.2.2 Tele2 and Telenor's LTE Joint Venture in Sweden 10
4.2.3 Telenor Sweden: 'Bredband och Mobilt bredband Dygnsdebitering' ('Broadband and Mobile Broadband Hour Charge') 10
4.3 Fixed broadband as a Complement 13
4.3.1 Inclusive Wi-Fi 13
4.3.2 Vodafone Ireland: 'Broadband in a Box' 13
4.3.3 Femtocells 14
4.4 Mobile Broadband as Competitor 15
4.4.1 TeliaSonera's LTE Offer in Sweden and Norway 15
4.4.2 T-Mobile's Share Dock and Wireless Pointer Devices 16
4.4.3 3 Ireland: National Broadband Scheme 17
5 Conclusions 18
6 Recommendations 20
  Appendix - Feedback Questions 24

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