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Over the last two years a number of mobile operators have developed a capability to sell SIM cards, handsets, new customer activations and upgrades online through their Internet portal. This development is part of a broader distribution strategy aimed at increasing the proportion of customers who are served by direct (as opposed to indirect) channels.

This report examines the online sales promotions of 18 operators and MVNO's in the UK, USA and Australia highlighting in each case:

  • Whether online sales supported SIM vs. Handset, contract vs. prepay and new activation vs. upgrade connections
  • Speed of fulfilment
  • Offer positioning relative to equivalent offers offered via their own direct outlets or through indirect channels on the high street
  • Extent to which handset price discounts, discounted line rental, exclusive tariffs and other airtime incentives and service bundles are used to motivate online purchases.

Keywords: lateral, activations, scope, promotional, best, cards, media, relationships, direct, offers, thinking, online, discount, customer, justification, channels, indirect, industries, inspiration, handsets, sales, sim, practice, creative,

1 Overview 1
2 United Kingdom 3
2.1 Orange 3
2.2 T-Mobile 12
2.3 Vodafone 14
2.4 Virgin Mobile 19
2.5 O2 23
2.6 3 29
2.7 Tesco Mobile 31
2.8 Easy Mobile 32
3 USA 33
3.1 Verizon 33
3.2 Cingular 34
3.3 T-Mobile 37
3.4 Sprint 39
3.5 Virgin Mobile 40
3.6 Nextel 42
4 Australia 44
4.1 3 44
4.2 Optus 46
4.3 Telstra 48
4.4 Vodafone 49

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