Performance Benchmarks - Churn
2005.09.09   |   26 pages   |   Churn Prevention Strategies   |   MNO KPI Benchmarks


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This report presents churn statistics for 32 operators worldwide, comparisons with the previous financial year, and commentary on trends in prepaid & postpaid churn.

Keywords: kpi, performance, indicators, compared, benchmarks, operators, kpis, key, churn, retention,

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Average Monthly Churn During 2004 (32 Operators)
Average Churn in 2004: (2003)
Prepay Customer Churns When?
Prepay Churn Comparisons Are Difficult
Average Monthly Churn During 2004 (32 Operators)
Average Monthly Prepay Churn (2004: 7 Operators)
Average Monthly Postpay Churn (2004: 17 Operators)
Monthly Churn YoY (2004 vs 2003: 29 Operators)
Average Monthly Churn, Decreasing YoY (2004 vs 2003, Top Improvers)
Average Monthly Churn, Increasing YoY (2004 vs 2003, Bottom 6)
Monthly Churn by Market Entry Position (26 Operators)
Monthly Churn by Number of Mobile Network Operators/Competitors (30 Operators)

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