Prepay and Hybrid Solutions for the Enterprise Market
2005.12.23   |   26 pages   |   Maximising Prepay Cellular Profit   |   Selling to & Supporting Business Users


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This report examines the prepay enterprise solutions offered by 20 Mobile operators across fifteen countries. The positioning, design and impact of prepay enterprise solutions are discussed. The report incorporates a detailed analysis of Hybrid solutions, Split billing service solutions, shared prepay plans and prepay data solutions implemented by Mobile operators. Detailed case illustrations are provided in respect of innovative prepay and hybrid enterprise solutions offered by:

  • Vodacom South Africa
  • Entel Chile
  • TMN Portugal
  • O2 Ireland
  • Vodafone Ireland
  • TIM Italy

Keywords: portugal, options, enterprise, split, billing, vodacom, corporate, innovative, solution, solutions, impact, chile, ireland, split-billing, africa, hybrid, italy, TMN, design, entel, vodafone, O2, analysis, south, tim, prepay, c, detailed,

1 Introduction 1
1.1 International Benchmarks 1
2 Hybrid Solutions for Cost Control 3
2.1 Vodacom TopUp Hybrid Offers 4
2.2 Entel Cuenta Controlada Offer 6
2.3 Evolution of TMN Hybrid Offer for Enterprises 9
2.3.1 Background 9
2.3.2 FIT Inclusive Minutes Bundles 10
2.3.3 MIX Value Plans 11
2.3.4 Other Service Options 12
2.3.5 Channel and Impact 13
3 Split Billing Service Options 15
3.1 Hybrid Split Billing Offer by Irish Operators 15
3.1.1 Group Worker by O2 16
3.1.2 SPLITsim by Vodafone 17
3.2 Impact of Hybrid Split Billing Services 18
4 Shared Prepay Plans 20
4.1 Office Network by TIM 20
5 Prepay Data Solutions 23
6 Summary 26

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