Review of MNP Impacts & Strategies in Mature & Emerging Markets
2013.01.16   |   55 pages   |   Churn Prevention Strategies


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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has now been implemented across most developed markets and it is gradually gaining momentum in emerging markets across Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. By the end of 2012 there were a total of 70 MNP implementations with several new deployments planned for 2013.

Our international benchmarks measuring the impact of MNP deployments show that during the 12-month period analysed, a total of 69.88 million numbers were ported, across the 15 markets in the benchmarks, representing 4.33% of their combined customer base of 1.6 billion. The international benchmarks also show some significant variations between mature and emerging markets, in terms of porting rates and their relation to the average overall churn rate in the market.

In this report we look at the various factors affecting uptake of MNP services in different markets and present five detailed case studies of MNP implementations (Turkey, France, Spain, Ghana and India) including the analysis of strategies adopted by individual operators for aggressive MNP campaigns as well as of strategies aimed at limiting the impact of MNP.

Based on best practices observed during the course of this research, we conclude the report with two sets of practical recommendations for mobile operators, active in mature and emerging markets, organised into aggressive MNP strategies and defensive MNP Strategies.

Keywords: Mobile Number Portability, MNP,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 2
2.1 MNP Background and History 2
2.2 Report Content 4
2.3 Currency and Conversions 4
2.4 Further Questions and Feedback 4
3 MNP Benchmarks & Impact 6
3.1 International MNP Benchmarks 6
3.2 Key Factors Influencing MNP Impact 7
3.2.1 Combination of High-Impact and Low-Impact Factors 11
3.2.2 Differences and Similarities in Mature & Developing Markets 12
3.2.3 Evolving Factors & Long-Term Impact 14
3.2.4 MNP Impact on Loyalty and Churn 16
4 Selection of MNP Implementations 18
4.1 Turkey: MNP Driving Changes in the Customer Mix 18
4.1.1 Key Market Characteristics 18
4.1.2 MNP Impact 18
4.1.3 MNP Performance by Individual MNOs 20
4.1.4 The Effect of MNP Promotions on Customer Mix 22
4.2 France: MNP Surge Due to New Market Entrant 24
4.2.1 Key Market Characteristics 24
4.2.2 MNP Trends 25
4.2.3 Free Mobile Entry Strategy & Impact 25
4.2.4 Orange Defensive Strategy and its Effect 29
4.3 Spain: MNP Flows in Recessionary Times 33
4.3.1 Key Market Characteristics 33
4.3.2 MNP Impact 33
4.3.3 MNP Drivers 36
4.3.4 Appealing Propositions From the Top MNP Performer 38
4.4 Ghana: MNP in a Highly Competitive Developing Market 42
4.4.1 Key Market Characteristics 42
4.4.2 MNP Overview 42
4.4.3 Individual Operators? Performance 43
4.5 India: MNP Impact on a High Churn Market 47
4.5.1 Key Market Characteristics 47
4.5.2 MNP Trends 47
5 Conclusions & Recommendations 52
5.1 Best Practice with Aggressive MNP Strategies 53
5.2 Best Practice with Defensive MNP Strategies 54
  Appendix - Feedback Questions 56

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