SOHO Solutions in Mobile Markets
2005.08.26   |   41 pages   |   Selling to & Supporting Business Users


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Mobile Network Operators have not, until recently, developed propositions specifically to address the small businesses that make up a major proportion of their customer base. Historically, the MNOs have addressed the enterprise market and consumers. Smaller businesses have been forced to operate with contracts designed for consumers. Further, smaller businesses have tended to purchase their solutions from consumer channels or independent resellers, as the MNOs have not had mechanisms to deal with them directly.

This report provides a survey of mobile services available to SOHO companies in Europe and North America. It covers the requirements of SOHO companies and provides some detail on the number of SOHO companies in Europe and the industry sectors in which they operate. A large part of the report looks at tariffs available to this sector of the market, for both voice and data services.

Keywords: industry, CUG, survey, enterprise, closed, user, marketing, market, tariff, home, requirements, group, conclusion, solutions, small, findings, office, soho, consumers, channels,

2The SOHO Market2
2.1Requirements of the SOHO Market2
2.2Defining the Market4
3Service Offerings for the SOHO Market6
3.1How Operators Segment their Business Markets6
3.2Overview of Services Available to the SOHO Market7
3.3.1General Tariff Packages for SOHOs10
3.3.2Pooled Minutes Plans14
3.3.3Tariffs for One-Person Enterprises15
3.3.4Tariffs for Heavy Mobile Users17
3.3.5"Closed User Group" Packages18
3.3.6Other Types of Business Tariff23
3.3.7Data Services for the SOHO Market25
3.3.9Cost Control Solutions35
4Marketing to SOHO Customers37
4.1Channels to Market37
4.2Special Offers Available to SOHO Companies38
4.3Areas of Opportunity38
5Conclusions and Recommendations40
5.1Overall Findings40
5.2Addressing the Potential40

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