Strategies for Developing the Mobile-Only Segment
2006.11.23   |   31 pages   |   Fixed-Mobile Convergence   |   New Services & Technologies


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Mobile phones outnumber fixed lines in many countries but in most, relatively few rely solely on their mobile phones as a means of communication. The mobile-only market remains a niche segment. Many of the markets that have the largest mobile-only customer segments have historically low fixed-line penetration and mobile phones represent the most logical means of communication. Fixed call substitution, where customers increasingly use mobile phones as opposed to a fixed line to make calls, is in the ascendancy. MNOs have made large voice traffic gains in comparison to their fixed competitors but if they are to grow the mobile-only segment and enable customers 'to cut the cord' then a more strategic approach is required, rather than just continuing to allow the segment to evolve from the dynamics of the infrastructure and market environment. The importance of the mobile-only segment should not be underestimated as new technologies become available to offer complementary communications solutions (be it VoIP or WiMAX or other alternatives) MNO share of wallet will be more easily defended with mobile-only customers used to meeting all their needs from a single MNO supplier.

This report examines the mobile-only segment, including the types of customer most likely to migrate to mobile-only status and what will encourage them to take the radical step required to rely solely on a mobile connection (and what will deter them). What MNOs are already doing to address this segment's needs is examined and conclusions drawn about the potential for the market and effectiveness of MNO strategies to date. Finally, six priorities for MNOs wishing to exploit and grow the mobile-only segment are identified.

Keywords: Mobile Only Household, Mobile Only Segment, Mobile instead of Fixed Line, Fixed Mobile Convergence,

1 Overview 5
2 Introduction 6
2.1 Background 6
2.2 Report Content 6
3 The Mobile-Only Segment 7
3.1 Defining the Mobile-Only Segment 7
3.2 Mobile-Only Drivers and Inhibitors 10
3.3 Demand for Mobile-Only Communications 13
3.4 Growing the Mobile-Only Segment 15
3.4.1 MOC Migration Paths 15
3.4.2 Fixed Call Substitution (FCS) 15
3.4.3 Fixed Line Substitution (FLS) 16
4 MNO Approaches 18
4.1 T-Mobile (USA) 18
4.1.1 Fixed Line Substitution Plans 18
4.1.2 Market Impact 20
4.2 Telefonica Moviles (Spain) 20
4.2.1 Call Stimulation Plans 20
4.2.2 Market Impact 22
4.3 Bouygues Telecom(France) 23
4.3.1 Fixed Line Substitution Plans 23
4.3.2 Market Impact 25
4.4 Other Innovations / Developments 25
4.4.1 Home Zone Tariffs 25
4.4.2 Internet Access Boxes 27
5 Conclusions 28
6 Recommendations 30

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