Unlocking Enterprise Data Revenues Through Event Based Pricing
2007.01.03   |   24 pages   |   New Services & Technologies   |   Selling to & Supporting Business Users


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O2 Ireland has adopted a leadership position in offering value added services to enterprise clients with an event based pricing approach. Such an approach offers perhaps the most effective way of resisting margin erosion through falling voice ARPUs and increased levels of competition in Western European markets that are approaching, or have already reached, saturation in terms of penetration. The Maximising Wireless Profit program first examined this area in 2003 and assessed the impact of the service offered through the partnership of O2 Ireland and Sentrio. This report reviews the original analysis and subsequent progress, drawing conclusions about the value of event based pricing to MNOs. Finally, the report makes seven recommendations for MNOs considering this area, to assist in the assessment of potential value and - in the event a decision is made to develop and offer services with event based pricing - how to ensure the potential opportunity is maximised.

Keywords: w-EDI, Sentrio, pricing, data revenue, data solutions, Event Pricing, Enterprise, Corporate solutions, O2 Ireland, SME, event basedpricing, data, event,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 2
2.1 Background 2
2.2 Report Structure 2
3 O2 Ireland's W-EDI Implementation 3
3.1 'Proof of Activity' Event Based Pricing 3
3.1.1 Sentrio Harvester Exchange 3
3.1.2 The Market Opportunity 4
3.1.3 Demonstrating Customer Demand 8
3.1.4 The Importance of Value Based Pricing for Enterprise Market Development 8
4 O2 Ireland W-EDI Progress 10
4.1 Introduction 10
4.2 Sentrio w-EDI Product Range 10
4.2.1 SME Solutions 10
4.2.2 Construction and Housing Solutions 11
4.2.3 Bespoke Corporate Solutions 11
4.3 O2 Instant Deployments 11
4.3.1 Thorntons Recycling 11
4.3.2 Relay Express Ireland 12
4.4 Other O2 Mobile Data Deployments 12
4.5 O2 Instant Current Offering 13
5 W-EDI Market Opportunity 16
5.1 The Practicality of Wireless EDI 16
5.2 Pricing and Revenue Comparison 17
5.3 Event Based Pricing Market Appeal 19
5.4 Market Size Estimates 20
6 Conclusions 22
7 MNO Recommendations 24

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