Vodafone live! Impact Assessment
2006.01.24   |   26 pages   |   New Services & Technologies   |   Consumer Contract Segment   |   Maximising Prepay Cellular Profit


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Mobile operators worldwide are looking for new revenue streams to compensate for declining voice revenues resulting from increased competition. To date, text messaging has performed well in delivering non-voice revenue growth, particularly in Europe. However, operators continue to struggle in their efforts to grow non-voice non-messaging revenues. In the current paper we explore how Vodafone has performed in this regard, focusing in particular on the impact of its Vodafone live! service.

With deep pockets and the scale and synergy advantages of a group with operations in 22 global markets, Vodafone is arguably best positioned among mobile operators, to develop a portal capable of delivering valued content and services to customers. The current paper provides an assessment of the performance of Vodafone live! to date. Analysis of the market impact claims reported by Vodafone on a groupwide basis is complemented by a detailed examination of end user experiences in one of the most highly penetrated Vodafone live! markets, Ireland.

Keywords: vodafone live, mobile internet, survey, market, portal, strategy, value, attitudes, non-voice, usage, content, user experience, services, messaging, ireland,

Table of Contents
1 Overview 1
2 Introduction 1
3 What is Vodafone live! 3
3.1 Convergent Brand - Diverse Price/Positioning 4
4 Vodafone live! Impact 7
4.1 Subscribers vs. live! Customers 7
4.2 ARPU Trends 7
4.3 Non-Voice, Non-Message Revenues 8
4.3.1 Vodafone live! ARPU Impact 9
5 Vodafone live! User Survey 11
5.1 Survey Background 11
5.2 Methodology 11
5.3 Sample Profile/Characteristics 11
5.4 Results 12
5.4.1 Awareness and Usage of Vodafone live! 12
5.4.2 Usage 13
5.4.3 Willingness to Pay 16
5.4.4 Expectations Regarding Cost 18
5.5 Factors Impacting Use 22
5.5.1 Factors Discouraging Use 22
5.5.2 Factors Encouraging Use 23
5.6 Reported Vodafone live! Spend 24
6 Conclusions & Recommendations 26
6.1 Key Survey Findings 27
6.1.1 Awareness 27
6.1.2 Usage 27
6.1.3 Willingness to Pay 27
6.1.4 Understanding of Cost 28

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