Acquisition of IoT Businesses an Important Step for Future Profitability of MNOs
2015.05.12   |   6 pages   |   NextGen Strategy Reports

Robert Harrison



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The IoT, with its dependence on communications networks, represents a significant opportunity for MNOs to gain new revenues to offset declines in traditional areas. Despite the current hype in this area and low revenues per implementation, the scale of the opportunity makes it critical to address.

MNOs must be active not only in data transport, but also in provision and delivery of services to gain a useful share of total revenues. The surest way to gain a good slice of the revenue is to own other elements of the value chain. Time is short to grab share in this future market. It is essential therefore, that MNOs acquire expertise, market presence and, importantly, revenues by buying existing successful businesses.

Companies: Orange, Ocean, AT&T, Vodafone, Cobra, Sprint, POST (Luxembourg), ThingWorx, BT, Sky, Xanboo, Telefonica, Nest, Google, British Gas

Keywords: M2M, Orange, IBM, Internet of Things, IoT, acquisition strategy, finance investment, Amazon, Google voice, consumer market, AT&T Digital Life, Ocean,

Table of Contents
  Acquisition of IoT Businesses an important step for future profitability of MNOs 1
  Inferences and Implications for Mobile Operators 1
  Inference Dashboard 1
1 Supporting Research & Analysis 2
1.1 Context 2
1.2 Analysis 2
1.3 Research 4
1.3.1 Revenue Trends 4
1.3.2 The IoT Opportunity 5
1.3.3 New Competition & Structure 5

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