The Whole Value Chain Must be Customer Centric for Maximum Effectiveness
2019.07.23   |   6 pages   |   NextGen Strategy Reports

Jon Newman



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Issue : The Whole Value Chain Must be Customer Centric for Maximum Effectiveness 

It is generally accepted for network operators today that customer centricity is increasingly important to achieving a sustainable and influential place in the digital ecosystem. The logical extension is that when selecting suppliers, telcos should look for partners that are equally customer centric and avoid those that have a more self-centred agenda.


Analysis, Inferences and Implications

Telcos have historically been accused of focus on their own organisation and infrastructure, rather than on customers and their needs.

High capability with low customer focus was not only the telco comfort zone (hampering effectiveness, impacting ability to compete with digital players). Many providers of products and services to the telco community are equally guilty of focusing on their own needs, as shown by promotion of, for example:

  • Custom and non-conforming infrastructure solutions (justified as superior, or just available);
  • Management KPIs based on proprietary methodologies.

To ensure they obtain the most effective solutions from providers along the value chain, telcos should:

  • Request suppliers to justify each solution offered based on application specific rather than generic benefits (e.g. expected x% contribution to churn reduction rather than promoted as the industry leading solution);
  • Review in-place arrangements, scoring with equal emphasis on alignment with telco business objectives and capability.

By insisting on customer centric offers from their suppliers, telcos will be ensuring the most effective inputs, helping them to deliver the most effective (and cost-efficient) solutions to their own customers. 


Companies: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, CustomerGauge

Countries: USA, Global

Keywords: Customer centric, digital, Standards, NPS, value chain, 5G, Effectiveness, Suppliers, GSM, customer experience, Capability, partnership,


The Whole Value Chain Must be Customer Centric for Maximum Effectiveness



Analysis, Inferences and Implications



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Context and Key Conclusion



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