At Last, a Replacement for Voice - Blockchain
2016.09.16   |   2 pages   |   NextGen Strategy Reports

Jon Newman



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It may seem inconceivable now, but research prior to the launch of cellular services suggested a small market opportunity, with penetration limited mainly to those that fly on corporate aircraft.  The wide availability of payphones was considered to meet the on-the-go communications needs of the masses. Similarly, the peer-to-peer transactions and crypto-currencies enabled by blockchain may seem to be very niche now, but the potential to unlock society-changing productivity is inherent in the technology, and MNOs must take the lead to maximise their business benefit from the opportunity.


Companies:, Amazon,, Verizon, Orange, du, Filament, Chain

Countries: US, UAE, World

Keywords: Criminality, Bitcoin, Anarchy, Mobile Operators, Regulation, M2M, Ethereum, Blockchain, Arbitrage, Anonymity, Smartphone, Cost of transaction, Tax, IoT, Crypto currency,


Issue : At Last, a Replacement for Voice - Blockchain



Analysis, Inferences and Implications


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