MNO Telco 2.0 Opportunities Arising From Net Neutrality Legislation
2015.03.12   |   7 pages   |   NextGen Strategy Reports

Jon Newman



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Given the time and energy devoted by US Telcos to lobbying (unsuccessfully) against the Net Neutrality legislation adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on 26 February, and the content of their arguments, the implications of that legislation might be taken to be generally negative for network operators and for data consumers.

The alternative view is that Net Neutrality regulation will provide the necessary incentive for network operators to modernise their view of the market and how they add value and interact with customers much more quickly than if the status quo had been maintained, and this will save operators from the risk of becoming ultimately irrelevant in the digital era.

Companies: Comcast, Netflix, KPN, Subtel, Telefonica, Google, Apple

Countries: USA,Europe, Chile, The Netherlands, Peru, Columbia

Keywords: domination, incubators, Net Neutrality, upside stimulus, FCC, tariff rebalancing, MNO Digital, value chain, entrepreneurs, internet volume caps, regulation,

Table of Contents
  What Does WhatsApp's Stealth Launch of Voice Capability Mean for MNOs? 1
  Inferences and Implications for Mobile Operators 1
  Inference Dashboard 1
1 Supporting Research & Analysis 2
1.1 Context 2
1.2 Analysis 3
1.3 Research 4
1.3.1 Disintermediation and Appeal of WhatsApp 4
1.3.2 Tariff Rebalancing 5
1.3.3 Raising The Profile of Voice 5
1.3.4 Opportunities For Collaboration 6

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