Where Next for Operators Without a Network or Digital Market Position?
2015.07.01   |   8 pages   |   NextGen Strategy Reports

Pippa Walton



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Network infrastructure has long been seen as a key differentiator for MNOs, but recent developments in the market have seen a creeping loss of control and influence over their core assets. MNOs have outsourced parts of their networks, while sharing others, as cost control and efficiency have become essential to protecting margins. At the same time, OTT service providers are remodelling the service side of the equation, eating away at the customer relationships that MNOs have spent years building. Operators need to build new services and at the same time provide reliable and comprehensive service coverage, but many operators, especially smaller ones or those in developing markets, are in danger of losing out on both fronts and thus ending up with very little to offer their increasingly demanding customers.

Companies: Towerstream, Crown Castle, Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, EE, Accenture, MobileSquared

Countries: UK, USA

Keywords: digital, digital consolidation, billing, new revenue streams, OPEX, OTT, customer service, investment, network coverage, strategic CAPEX, monetisation, unified communications, network asset, outsource network-sharing, NFV SDN, consolidation, network infrastructure,

Table of Contents
  Where next for operators without a network or digital market position? 1
  Inferences and Implications for Mobile Operators 1
  Inference Dashboard 1
1 Supporting Research & Analysis 2
1.1 Context 2
1.2 Analysis 2
1.2.1 The Extent of Network Outsourcing 4
1.2.2 Telco 2.0 - the Need for Digital & the Future without it 4
1.2.3 Coverage is All 5
1.2.4 A New Differentiator 5
1.3 Research 6
1.3.1 Outsourcing and Network Provision 6
1.3.2 Customer Service is Key 8

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